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HEWEI Design studio was founded in 90s twenty century, aiming at the designing and customizing for high end condumers. After the market test of 20 years and craftsmanship improving. HEWEI Design studio is now becoming a well-known brand entity of competitive funiture, combining design R&D, manufacture and sales, mainly manufacturing iron furniture.

Talented R&D Engineers come from Italy, China, Germany. What deserves to be specially mentioned is that German Designer Rita Sibbe joined us in 2005. Since then, the innovative design have gone to be perfect. The “Collection Rita Sibbe” Series iron bed and “Stylish “brand covers various styles, e.g. New Classic, Classic and Countryside Style, etc. All the classical design is based on the combination of eastern and western philosophy, esthetics, the innovation of modern tech nology and traditional handcraft. the products demonstrates versatile artwork, morbidezza and virility. the prototypes plus the high quality handcraft show not only elegant shape but also artful connotation. at present, Stylish and Collection Rita Sibbe Iron Beds have established sales network (sole agents and distributors ) internationally, e.g. Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Russia, USA, New Zealand, China, etc, to let people in different countries experience modern classical design and humanistic spirit.
Better Design, Better life!